Our Philosophy

The skin is the largest organ in the body. It is also a crucial aspect of facial attractiveness: a person's skin quality is one of the top ranking factors according to research looking at which characteristics influence judgements of facial attractiveness . As well as this, it has a barrier function protecting us against dehydration, microbes and radiation. We believe that skin should be so healthy it doesn’t require moisturiser or excessive cosmetics to make it look its best.

Here at ELXR we specialise in providing medical treatments that can positively influence the quality of your skin, all performed by  Dr Ines, our skin care doctor. Following a medical consultation, a programme tailored exactly for your skin will be designed. 

Dr Ines has been trained exclusively with Dr Zein Obagi’s dermatology line (ZO Skin Health), which is a line of treatments that cannot be purchased online or on the high-street. These products have been shown scientifically to work, giving excellent results due to the high concentrations of active ingredients present that have a real evidence base. 

Dr Ines specialises in the following: 

-Preventing ageing

-Minimising signs of ageing

-Maintenance of healthy skin and improving its appearance



-Sun damage


Consultation: £50 fully refundable deposit/charge will be offset against products bought.



Chemical Peels

Our chemical peels are done in-clinic by our skin doctor, Dr Ines, who has been exclusively trained with ZO(R) Skin Health products. Chemical peels cause exfoliation of the top layers of the skin, leading to removal of superficial lesions. This is followed by regeneration of new tissues.  

They are useful to treat skin that is dull in appearance, skin with rough texture, fine lines, sun damage and useful for brightening your skin. 

Stimulator Peel £80

The stimulator peel is also known as the “red-carpet peel” or “lunchtime” peel as it can be done quickly, or before an event. There is no downtime, and there is no skin preparation required. It can be done regularly for maintenance. There are various active ingredients including lactic, citric and glycolic acid. 

3-Step Peel £350

The 3-step peel provides longer lasting results, and causes renewal of the top layer of skin as well as stimulation of the deeper layers. It contains salicylic acid, trichloroacetic acid and lactic acid. 

This peel requires your skin to be “prepped” for a time-period beforehand (e.g. 6 weeks). The preparation time varies depending on various factors that will be assessed at the initial consultation. The skin preparation will give you accelerated healing and enhanced results, and protect you against pigmentation side-effects. There will be a period of flakiness/redness/dryness following this peel, which can last for 5 days. 

Daily Skin Care

Dr Ines will carry out a skin care consultation with you, and devise a programme specific for your skin type. By optimising your skin’s barrier function and quality, any injectable treatments you may choose to have will better and longer-lasting results. 

This is also ideal for those wishing to have better skin, and reverse or prevent signs of ageing without wanting to go through any injectable treatments. 


Dr Ines will carry out a skin consultation with you and address your concerns with regards to signs of ageing in the skin such as wrinkles and pigmentation. 

These can be addressed with the use of medical-grade products, including retinol, and a suitable programme will be formulated. We can also include a course of chemical peels within your programme for optimal results.


This programme is ideal for those with acne; you will have a one-to-one consultation with Dr Ines and a skin care plan made. We use specific treatments available for acne including exfoliating scrubs, sulphur masks and an exfoliation accelerator which is a 10% glycol and lactic acid complex.