Our Philosophy

Our face is the focal point of our outward appearance, always exposed for people to see. Our face is represented by the largest amount of space in our brain's sensory (touch) and motor (muscle) areas: this makes sense if you consider the complexity of facial expression, language formation and of course the sensual nature of our skin and lips.

The face is pivotal in appearing healthy and youthful: both the quality of our skin and its supporting framework need to be in harmony to achieve this. Here at ELXR let us help you put your best face forward through a range of treatments, performed by our Doctors, all designed to compliment one another and your individuality.



We offer the original Botox® injections to ensure the best result for you. We appreciate that men and women have different musculature and ideas of what they want as an end result: rather than just giving generic treatments with generic products, we perform bespoke treatments designed entirely for you after a thorough medical consultation.




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Starting at £149

We use Juvederm® fillers, a high quality product based on a natural occurring substance found in the body to rejuvenate and sculpt the face. The ideals of beauty derived from Ancient Greek art vary for men and women: here at ELXR we maintain these ratios.

We offer a bespoke treatment giving a proportioned balance to your face, without feminising a male face and vice versa.

We also offer filler correction to reverse treatments improperly performed. Whether they look asymmetrical, overdone or feel lumpy, you will be always be treated with expert care.


Temple Rejuvenation - £280

Your face is compromised of thirds, with the upper third often being neglected. As we age we lose bone around our temple regions, leading to a gaunt look that ages the overall appearance of our face. With careful treatment by our Doctor using a thicker filler this area can be restored giving a proportioned flow to your face.

Cheek Contouring - £280

Our cheeks are the supporting structure of our mid face. As we age, everything moves downwards - face especially. By augmenting the arc of our cheek bone using a thicker filler we improve our nasolabial folds, tear trough and jowls resulting in an overall refreshed appearance.

Tear Trough Rejuvination - £320

The Tear Trough is a semicircular depression under the eyes which becomes more prominent with age. With judicious treatment using soft fillers these hollows can be subtly corrected, overall brightening your eye region.

Non-Surgical Nose Remodelling - £320

Because the nose occupies the centre of our face, even slight asymmetries can be visually very striking. With the non-reversibility of traditional rhinoplasty, along with the very long downtime, remodelling with fillers is an attractive and easily accessible option. Using thicker fillers in small quantities our Doctor can help create a straighter profile, reduce nasal flare as well as elevate the tip of your nose helping it blend more naturally with your face.

Lip Quality Enhancement (0.55ml syringe) - £150

As we age our lips become thinner with a decrease in skin quality. Using a softer, silkier product this treatment performed by our Doctor aims to enhance our lips subtly, giving an overall improved quality without a dramatic increase in volume.

Lip Augmentation (1ml syringe) - £250

Voluptuous lips have been recognised as a sign of youth and beauty ever since Ancient Greece. However they are often exaggerated when treated to the point of grotesque proportions. We want you to have the best lips for you: our Doctor will increase lip volume that naturally flows with the rest of your face.

Jaw Line Rejuvenation - £280

The jawline in both men and women is associated with youth and beauty. As we age we lose the supporting structure of our jaw with a resultant draping of skin and fat, resulting in a loss of contour. With medium thickness fillers we can restore that straightness of the jaw to give a more attractive, younger jawline.

Nasolabial Folds - £280

The nasolabial fold is the groove from the corner of the nose to the outer corner of the mouth. As we age this fold becomes more prominent as the tissue of our cheeks droops. Gentle correction performed by our Doctor with medium thickness fillers can create a natural, youthful appearance.

Marionette Lines - £280

The groove that extends vertically from the corner of the mouth to our jaw is known as our marionette lines. These lines give a sad, tired look to our face. Using a medium thickness filler our Doctor can reduce these lines, giving a refreshed look to your face.

Non-Surgical Chin Remodelling - £280

 A proportional chin should align vertically with the very top of our nose where the nose meets our forehead. As well as this, a feminine chin should be the width of the nose while a masculine chin should be the width of the mouth. Using a thicker filler our Doctor can remodel your chin to help achieve these aesthetic proportions.